An enchanting Frankinsence and Myrrh blend with a splash of Orange


Fresh Cut Gardenias swaddled in Line dried Linen


Black Orchid, Bulgarian Rose & Juniper Breeze


Lime, Basil & Mandarin & Grapefruit


Reminiscent of a soggy spring morning is this gorgeous blend of Oakmoss, Amber and Lavender


Extreme fruit overtones of cassis and pineapple with a warm and sweet vanilla base


Heady tones of Black Bamboo, Musk and Age Old Sandalwood


Delicate blend of silver needle (white) tea and a hint of oriental Jasmine


A deliciously floral punch from fresh season Sweet Peas balanced alongside the zing of grated lemongrass, a sensory explosion


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

Because everyone needs a bit of sparkle..

BUT it has to be the right kind of sparkle.. Dundas and Pitt have been helping to add some ‘glam’ to people’s lives for a while now and we’re excited to be able to offer our services on a much larger scale. Together with Swarovski we’re encouraging everyone to get creative, with our help. Soon you’ll be able to purchase packs of beautiful crystals in a vast array of colours, that you’ll be able to glue onto everything from clothing and accessories to desks and phone covers.

It’s really quick and simple to do, so you’ll be sparkling in no time!

We’ve been obsessed with crystals for a long time and now we want to share the love with everyone else. The gems will be available soon, but in  the mean time, get your creative juices flowing and start thinking of what you want to add a bit of sparkle to.



There’s no denying that candles have the ability to change the ‘feel’ of a space. From the second the wick is lit a sense of calm takes over and when you add an amazing smell to the mix you’re instantly transported to your ‘happy place’. Here at Dundas and Pitt we’ve always believed in the power of a candle to alter moods and help us relax so we’re super excited to be bringing you our very own range of luxury candles, with 12 DIVINE fragrances to fall in love with.

These gems are currently in production and will make the perfect gift for any occasions for those special people in your life. We cannot wait to show you their gorgeous packaging when it arrives so keep watching for more on that. Today though, we’ve been having some fun testing and trialling two new scents for the collection – you can check out the other five on the ‘fragrances’ link of this site – and we’re satisfied that we’ve got a couple more keepers. A delicate and oriental Silver Needle and Jasmine has our senses in overdrive, while a Fig, Mimosa and Mandarine has us dreaming of summer. An in-depth post on the finer details of these candles is on its way so stay tuned for the final five fragrances to get excited about.


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